Winter Concert Program Design

BOSS Winter Concert ProgramJust finished the design of a 20-page program for the Bands of Santiago Sharks (BOSS) Winter Concert.  Comprised of over 260 BOSS Winter Concert Programtalented musicians spread over 2 bands, this program needed to accurately document the musicians’ names, instrument and what band(s) that would be performing with.

In addition to the design of the program I also shot all the pictures for the program which included nearly 50 photographs of the musicians in action.

Challenges: Short turn around time and designing in-program advertisements.

This is the second program that I have designed for BOSS.  It’s a great honor to work with this team who has marched in the Rose Parade and performed at Carnegie Hall.

If you are in need of any design work, including brochures, programs, web or print, please me contact me.  Would love to work with you.

In addition, I put together some social media graphics including one for Instagram, which is a huge platform for the students.

Software used: InDesign, Photoshop, Bridge, Acrobat

Photo cred: 3 Penguins Photography

Photo – Joe Randeen

Jazz Band Concert Program

BOSS Jazz ConcertHad to pleasure of being asked to design the Jazz Band Concert program for the award winning Bands Of Santiago Sharks (BOSS). The concert consists of 3 jazz bands and 2 bands from Riverside City College.

Putting together the program is relatively simple as long as we got all the names of the musicians in a timely fashion, whiBOSS Jazz Concertch we did thanks to the BOSS staff.

The don’t have set logo or cover header that they wanted to use.  We chose this font that resembled the keys of a piano, giving it that ‘musical’ feel.

Our challenge was photographs.  Since this is the first Jazz Concert of the season we had no photographs of the bands performing. To get around this wall, I was able to shoot some rehearsals.  Due to the band not being dressed in their tuxedos I chose to shoot close-ups of the instruments with a hint of faces, in some.  This gave the ‘feel’ on a concert without having prior access to a concert. Some of the photographs can be seen at 3 Penguins Photography.

The cover is 4-color glossy whereas the content is grey-scale.

This program is very important to parents of these young musicians.  These a memory keepsakes so making sure that everyone’s names are not only included but also spelled correctly is paramount.  Detail is VERY important.


New Graphic for Church Media Page


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Church Media Page (Online Sermons) Graphic

Effective and clear communication in both written and graphical forms is essential for websites & blogs.  Visitors don’t stay around long enough to search through the vastness that engulfs many online sites today.

These final four graphics where design for a church media page, specifically for their online sermons.  The graphic was necessary, not only to identify the page for visitors but for a graphic that will embed into social media posts.

Colors came from branded color palette.


SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is not SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

There is a very common misconception that SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are interchangeable terms, that they are the same thing.

More accurately, SEO can fall under SEM. Both are tools for gaining traffic from search engines.

In the simplest of terms (because the process is not as easy as one may think) SEO is optimizing the the content and meta data of a website to boost search engine ranking in an organic manner.

SEM, on the other hand, encompasses other tools including paid tools such as Google AdWords and PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising. This, if done incorrectly can quickly become very expensive without getting the desired results. On the other hand, it can be a powerful tool in the hands of an expert.

Caveat – if you get a call or email from anyone claiming to GUARANTEE top Google ranking – RUN!

For more information about SEO and SEM, contact us today. We are here to assist you.

– Joe Randeen :: 3 Penguins Design

WordPress – the pancea for web design?

When WP (WordPress) first came on the scene it was blogging platform.  Today, powerful websites and being used using this framework.  As a seasoned web designer this has been both a blessing and a curse.  This is mainly due to the fact that clients are somewhat misinformed as to when WP is the right choice.

Allow me to use a strange analogy.  Since pharmaceutical companies are now allowed to advertise on television (yes, there was a day when hard alcohol could and pharmaceuticals couldn’t advertise on TV) doctors are being TOLD when medications to prescribe – by the patients.  If they don’t the patient will just change doctors until they get what they want.  Now, back to the topic, today, clients are coming to web designers and the WANT a WP site whether or not it’s the best choice.

So, who is the best candidate for a WP?

The most obvious is the blogger.  WP is relatively easy to set-up.  Customizing is much more difficult.

Since it’s a CMS (Content Management System), it utilizes databases to retrieve information.  Thus, it’s a good choice for fairly large websites, say 20 plus pages. But, this also presents a ton of issues and potential problems.

WP also has access to a lot of plug-ins so you can customize your site by simply installing one of these plug-ins.

WP affords access to a slew of Themes (pre-built designs).  Some are free, most are inexpensive, in the $15-$150 range.

Just these few points would make WP a grand-slam for anyone choosing what platform to choose.  And there are SO MANY people who would to tar and feather me if I said anything different.


  • Easy to set-up. Some can do it without a web developer.
  • Tons of themes and plug-ins available for customization.
  • Good choice for large websites.
  • Most updates to the site you can do without having a real experience or training.


  • Customizing a WP site can get expensive really fast as you need to higher a web developer (not a web designer) to customize your site.  The interaction of CSS, PHP and Databases is not something a novice wants to tackle.
  • You will notice QUICKLY that WP, your Themes and Plug-ins will recommend that you UPDATE them quite regularly.  Your developer will probably tell you that this isn’t a problem BUT, it is.  I’ve seen, experienced and have heard thousands of stories of WP sites breaking due to upgrading one or more of these recommendations.  And when it does, you’ll spend a lot of money to have it fixed.
  • Back-up.  Backing up your WP site is not as easy as copying the site via FTP.  Since it interacts with a database, that too needs to be backed up – something many people either forget or don’t know to do until it’s too late.  Think about your 150 page WP online store going down and you having to rebuild it all because you forgot to backup the database.