Joe RandeenPhotographs are one of the joys of life.  Photographs capture moments in time, moments that you relive each time you look at those pictures.

I remember as a child spending hours look through photo albums, slides and framed photos hanging on the wall.  Even today, pictures of my grandparents as kids, playing with me, playing with my parents when they were kids.

Digital photography has advanced this craft in many ways but, it’s also been detrimental to photographs, in my opinion, and here’s why.  Now we shoot EVERYTHING on our phones, iPads and cameras but very few of these photographs see the light of day, except for on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and the like.  Realize that this, technically, is relatively new and it came upon us fast.  In 20 years, do you think that these mediums will be around?  Probably not. Then, where will your photographs be? It’s an important question to ask.

Hopefully you can tell that I’m passionate about photography.

Photographs are made to be shown, displayed, not sitting on a phone, CD/DVD, on a computers hard drive.  A CD doesn’t look very attractive hanging on the wall but a WELL TAKEN, FRAMED photograph is something special, something that you can pass down through the generations.

I want to be a part of capturing YOUR SPECIAL MOMENTS.

– joe randeen

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