Images for Lent: Case Study

Mocks for LentDesign is a process. Rarely does the first thing that comes to mind end up as the final design.  In this case, the client, Holy Trinity Church, needed a graphic for the Season of Lent.  In talking with their pastor that oversees beauty, also an accomplished fine artist, I was given enough information to begin the search for an image.  The first image (top) I brought to the table turned out to be their choice.  That is not always the case.

The next step was to incorporate the copy (text) in a way that attracted attention yet did not distract from the image.  In the image to the right, you see just a few of the many options given.  We tried different fonts, color, gradations and locations for the copy. I won’t tell you which one they chose.  My suspicions is that many of you may chose a different one, and that’s okay.  It’s what design is all about.