Instructional Design

Instruction Design aka eLearning, aka Online Learning

We design and develop instructional material for both internal and external audiences, utilizing multimedia technology and authoring tools.

There are many benefits from employing instructional design model. Each eLearning Module is customized and current to meet your needs, the needs of your customers, employees or students. Because it is custom designed for you, the material has a greater relevancy than canned training/testing. In addition, by utilizing multimedia the material is available when the end-user is. No need to set up special meetings, taking away valuable time from other employees and educators. All these benefits add up to a cost effective way to educate, train, test and inform.

Who benefits from Instructional Design • eLearning • Virtual Training? The short answer is: most everyone.

Companies/Businesses – use eLearning to train and educate employees; inform potential customers; offer training and support to current customers. Human Resources benefit from orientation, certification and compliance training/testing.

Schools – use eLearning to teach and test students.

For more information regarding promotional and informational videos, please see our Video page.

Created for you here is a link to YouTube to view different forms of Instructional Design and eLearning. Samples – YouTube Channel (opens new window). Below you will also find a few examples.

CLIENT: Mixcraft by Acoustica
SUMMARY: I created a series of 25 videos for the purpose of teaching owners and potential owners how to use this PC based DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). The series can be viewed by clicking here. Below is one video from the series.

CLIENT: Epicor
SUMMARY: Contracted to produce, capture, edit and output for online distribution, a series of feature demonstration videos.

CLIENT: HowAudio
SUMMARY: Produced over 1000 individual video tutorials on Pro Audio Hardware and Software.

CLIENT: Sample Adobe Captivate
SUMMARY: Sample using Adobe Captivate eLearning software