How Do I Get More Traffic?

SEO Drive Traffic“How do I get more traffic” to my website, blog, or other social media page, is probably one of the most common questions I receive.

To be perfectly honest, a vast majority of these people want, and expect, a quick, DIY solution. But there isn’t such a thing. It’s complicated, fluid and time consuming. The vast majority of successful websites, blogs and social media profiles have either full-time, on-staff professionals or hire outside firms, like 3 Penguins Design, to employee hundreds of different techniques to drive traffic to it’s intended destination. It truly isn’t a DIY action.

A frequent mistake is to assume that online marketing, SEO, SEM, etc., is a science. It’s not. It’s a art. Search engines constantly change their rules of engagement. What worked yesterday may not work tomorrow. It’s is definitely not and BUILD IT AND THEY WILL COME type of thing.

What I mean is, it’s not like a car where you build it and drive it. With online marketing you are constantly modifying, changing, trying new things and discarding those that don’t work.

Here are a few things that we consider with every client:

  • Content, Content, Contect
  • Enhance with Multimedia
  • Be Social
  • Link Building – Guest Posting
  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • E-books and Freebies
  • Offline Ideas

You are the expert in your field. We are the experts in our field. Together we can grow your traffic.

Joe Randeen
3 Penguins Design