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Spring Jazz Program

The Santiago Spring Jazz Program went to print.  For the past school year I’ve had the honor and pleasure of designing (and photographing) all the programs for the award-winning Bands of Santiago Sharks.  This program you see here, is the last Jazz Concert of the season.  (Fall Jazz Program Cover) I set out to design […]

Millennials, You Are Not That Special

The image above is one slide (Millennials, You Are Not That Special) from the slide show “Top 10 Marketing Trends For 2016“. You may not agree but you should, at the very least.  Take a look. Here is an excerpt from the article/slideshow written by Mercedes M. Cardona. The combination of a U.S. presidential election […]

How Do I Get More Traffic?

“How do I get more traffic” to my website, blog, or other social media page, is probably one of the most common questions I receive. To be perfectly honest, a vast majority of these people want, and expect, a quick, DIY solution. But there isn’t such a thing. It’s complicated, fluid and time consuming. The […]

Winter Concert Program Design

Just finished the design of a 20-page program for the Bands of Santiago Sharks (BOSS) Winter Concert.  Comprised of over 260 talented musicians spread over 2 bands, this program needed to accurately document the musicians’ names, instrument and what band(s) that would be performing with. In addition to the design of the program I also […]

Website Re Design

Website Re Design is something that most businesses and organizations will find themselves facing during their lifetime.  That’s because standards, looks and technology changes over time.  At 3 Penguins Design, we not only design new websites but we also RE-design websites.  In actually, re-design a site is does not really involve the “RE” since we […]

7 Questions About Sample Rate

As a college professor that teaches audio production (recording & editing), mainly for video but also for audio CD and digital distribution, the subject of “Sample Rate” inevitably raises its head.  It’s an important subject, one that many find either boring or unnecessary. Since you’re not in my class and we can’t devote the needed […]

Free Spec Work?

Creatives are often asked to do FREE work, especially Spec Work. There are grandiose promises of future work, at a reduced rate of course. Especially when we are starting off, or hungry, we will agree to almost anything. Don’t be tempted. Not only does it hurt you but in undermines our industry. I have spent […]

Jazz Band Concert Program

Had to pleasure of being asked to design the Jazz Band Concert program for the award winning Bands Of Santiago Sharks (BOSS). The concert consists of 3 jazz bands and 2 bands from Riverside City College. Putting together the program is relatively simple as long as we got all the names of the musicians in […]