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Magazine Design

Have to brag on my students for their latest work – Magazine Design.  They were given a lot of freedom.  I wanted them to be passionate about the subject matter.  That said, they needed to produce some authentic looking designs, and I think they did a fantastic job. From image(s), to typography, color theory, to […]

Graphic Design Is Easy

As a graphic designer, seems my most frequent hurdle are those that think graphic design is easy.  Armed with Microsoft Office and some clip art, one is ready to take on the world.  Reasoning with these people is futile at best so, “Let them design,” as paraphrased by Marie-Antoinette. So, when I came across this […]

New Jazz Concert Program

I’m always looking for something unique with every new jazz concert program.  BOSS (Bands of Santiago Sharks) put on 4 multi band concerts every year – 2 Jazz and 2 Band. 3 Penguins Design has been fortunate enough to design the programs for the past couple of years. The fun is always coming up with […]

Festival of Gold – t-shirt

Got a last minute call to create a shirt for a school field trip entitled Festival of Gold.  How much time did I have? About 4 hours. I needed to incorporate two elements: something musical and something iconic relating to San Francisco. This is where I landed. Beat the deadline.  Mission accomplished.

BOSS Website Redesign

The BOSS (Bands of Santiago Sharks) just got a website redesign. BOSS consists of four concert bands, three big band jazz ensembles, a 220 piece marching band of musicians and a Color Guard. As time goes on, all websites need changing.  As such, the BOSS website needed some updating in both look and feel, information […]

Images for Lent: Case Study

Design is a process. Rarely does the first thing that comes to mind end up as the final design.  In this case, the client, Holy Trinity Church, needed a graphic for the Season of Lent.  In talking with their pastor that oversees beauty, also an accomplished fine artist, I was given enough information to begin […]

Fewer wrinkles, thinner arms: TODAY anchors get Photoshopped

“Photoshop” – it’s become part of nearly conversation I have with clients these days (3 Penguins Photography). Can I? Yes. Do I? Most of the time, No! I, personally, like to capture real life. It’s what we look back at with fond memories. This is an interesting article. This topic seems to growing these days. […]

Product Review: Adorama’s Flashpoint 180 Portable Monolight & Grand Softboxes

Here’s a review I recently did with friend and colleague, Jeff Foster (Pixel Painter). Adorama’s own Flashpoint brand features products that range from cinematography gear to lighting systems for video and photo and are designed for student photographers and designers on a budget. With few exceptions, the new Flashpoint 180 Portable Monolight and the Glow […]